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Sometimes You Just Do Whatcha Gotta Do!


Several blocks were too wonky, and to make them all consistently the same size, I chose the smallest dimensions.  They are now 12.5 x 11.5.  I changed the orientation as I trimmed just to see if I like it this way:

Christmas Trimmed

And here one of the blocks trimmed up.  After I sew the sashing, the height of the top & bottom wedges are going to be shorter than the other mountain peaks due to the trimming. 

Christmas Trimmed Block

I’m older and wiser now . . . lessons learned:

     — Measure my piecing right away and redo if necessary

     — Don’t let my UFOs sit for 15+ years in the garage!


Christmas UFO – from 1995!


Here are my Scrappy Christmas blocks — from 1994 or 1995!  I have four more blocks not shown that will allow me to swap out with those that are too ravelled or stained.  

Christmas Blocks

What I liked about making this block back then was that it was a “slice and dice” type of effort — and the only two points that had to be matched were at the top and bottom center. 


I have the fabric for the sashing, backing and binding.  My next step is to trim all the extraneous threads and then measure and trim the blocks to a consistent size.