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Cutting Easy Street Part 3


I began cutting part 3 Sunday morning in Lafayette.


I had plenty of 2″ Purple and 2″ Black/White strips to cut the 2″ purple squares and the triangles from the previous steps, and I cut the pile above!

Next, I cut 3.5″ strips from turqoise fabrics and figured I’d better take a photo of the variety before cutting them into triangles.


Yes, some are blue-er, some are greener, but I like the combinations!

Next is to cut those strips into 64 half squares.  Since I have so many strips, it will only take a few cuts on each!  Here are a couple:


And finally, since I was in cutting mode, I went ahead and cut the two lime green 3″ squares in half diagonally for a future step as per the directions.

Now to travel back home and sew them all next week!