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Easy Street Catchup – Quilter Lock In


What happens when you get 15 quilters locked into a fabric store with nothing but time to do that UFO or sew on a new project? 


On Saturday, I stopped by our local Block Therapy store to show machine repairist, Mark, a machine that will need a new belt and bobbin winder rubber tire and was invited to a spur of the moment sew-in.  More on that machine on a different post! 

The shop was filled with wonderful aromas of pulled pork cooking in the crock pot.   Several ladies might bring other snacks as well!   

I brought my Easy Street project pieces from last week and my Delectable Christmas blocks to sash and assemble if I ran out of Easy Street during the time!  (I did, and will post about the Christmas blocks later this week).


Shaded half-squares – Part 3 Easy Street Mystery

Here is Part 3 completed and arranged.  I got to counting the units, and for some reason I was 10 units short, so I also cut and assembled 10 more than shown here.  Part 3 units are now D-O-N-E!

Next, I cut part 4 — more flying geese.  These were  easy to assemble since I had gotten practice in part 2!  However, when I trimmed them up, I found just how imperfect the units were when trimming.  Most had a sliver to trim OFF (which I suppose is a good thing).  A couple will have to be totally redone.  Since I have never made flying geese before Easy Street, I found myself wondering if there was an easy way to “center” the goose when trimming.   I knew enough to try to center the goose’s beak and think I did OK without it.  Here they are — the purple/aqua from Part 4 are now each connected to one of the purple/black&white from Part 2.


Flying Geese – Easy Street Parts 2 and 4 Joined Two by Two

A couple of my geese have blunt noses — I will redo the absolute worst ones, and just live with the rest.

Six of us stayed the entire night. Wow! Here are Joan and Jody about 4:00 AM.  Block Therapy has a Facebook Page !

Joan and Jody – Block Therapy, Gautier, MS, 16 December 2012, 4AM – Sit and Sew Lock-in

Thank you Block Therapy — Joan and Jody (and your families for giving you up for the night) for the fun!


Amish Basket Block for Catharine


As time goes on, guild members move away the rest of us make her a Friendship Block in a pattern and colors of her choosing.

Catharine is moving and she chose an Amish Basket Block in purple with a white background.  I cut it out this afternoon and finished it tonight.  It is made with “Sunday Afternoon” fabric by Jane Spolar.


I bought a half yard of the fabric from Block Therapy in Gautier, MS a couple of months ago and made two fat quarters out of it for a drawing. I just couldn’t resist using one of the fat quarters for this block!  I’ll have to get another for the drawing.

The Amish Basket pattern is by Marcia Hohn, and is located on the on the Quilters Cache website.  The block is nice and large — 15″ finished.

I really enjoyed making it, Catharine!  Best wishes at school!