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Wonder What Happened to Your Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative Submission?



I’d like to give a bit of time to bring you an update on what happened to my Alzheimer’s Art Quilt. It’s easy!  The email I got back in June said to do this:

“Before you ask anyone where your quilt is, please search for the quilt number, your name, or the name of your quilt in the search box at www.AlzQuilts.org. Or type this URL in your browser window http://www.alzquilts.org/XXXX.html and substitute your quilt number for the X’s. Click on the blue title of your quilt and look just under the purple bar for the location on our web site.”

But when I checked on it last, it had not sold.  It has been quite a while, and I decided to check on it again.  The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative brought 2,185 quilts to sell at International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX (Oct. 31 – Nov. 4) and raised more than $75,000!   Mine was sold at the show!

Here is the link to my submission — it earned $32.33.


Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative #10,699


Wow.  This one is really tough to write.  I am submitting a quilt I completed to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative in honor of my mother, Melba Gene Brown Martin.  I just registered it and got an email back — it is #10,699!


Her diagnosis came in April of 2007, and I drive to Louisiana to visit her at least once a month, usually twice.  She is now 83 years old, and is living in a nursing home.  She still enjoys going out, reading the paper and magazines, and talking about family.   She also loves to go shopping for fabric with me, although she cannot comprehend the prices — they are way too high!

For my submission, I was inspired by Moira McSpadden’s  “Drunkard Path” block and have her permission to use my adaptation of her design for this fundraiser.  Her website has a .pdf of the paper-pieced pattern


The quilt is called”Journey into Darkness” and is 8 wide x 9 inches high. The bottom left corner fabric represents clear thinking. As the sunbursts peel off the circle, the fabrics get blurred and darker.

More information about the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative can be found on their website.

There is also a TV show that featured Ami Simms; what a gift she has given back to her mother. Click here to watch Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson interviewing Ami.

My mom’s memory is slipping away fast.   She currently resides in Lafayette, LA.

Love you, Mamma! Thank you for all the memories that we have made together over my lifetime — and thank you for teaching me to sew!