Wonder What Happened to Your Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative Submission?



I’d like to give a bit of time to bring you an update on what happened to my Alzheimer’s Art Quilt. It’s easy!  The email I got back in June said to do this:

“Before you ask anyone where your quilt is, please search for the quilt number, your name, or the name of your quilt in the search box at www.AlzQuilts.org. Or type this URL in your browser window http://www.alzquilts.org/XXXX.html and substitute your quilt number for the X’s. Click on the blue title of your quilt and look just under the purple bar for the location on our web site.”

But when I checked on it last, it had not sold.  It has been quite a while, and I decided to check on it again.  The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative brought 2,185 quilts to sell at International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX (Oct. 31 – Nov. 4) and raised more than $75,000!   Mine was sold at the show!

Here is the link to my submission — it earned $32.33.


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