Easy Street Catchup – Quilter Lock In


What happens when you get 15 quilters locked into a fabric store with nothing but time to do that UFO or sew on a new project? 


On Saturday, I stopped by our local Block Therapy store to show machine repairist, Mark, a machine that will need a new belt and bobbin winder rubber tire and was invited to a spur of the moment sew-in.  More on that machine on a different post! 

The shop was filled with wonderful aromas of pulled pork cooking in the crock pot.   Several ladies might bring other snacks as well!   

I brought my Easy Street project pieces from last week and my Delectable Christmas blocks to sash and assemble if I ran out of Easy Street during the time!  (I did, and will post about the Christmas blocks later this week).


Shaded half-squares – Part 3 Easy Street Mystery

Here is Part 3 completed and arranged.  I got to counting the units, and for some reason I was 10 units short, so I also cut and assembled 10 more than shown here.  Part 3 units are now D-O-N-E!

Next, I cut part 4 — more flying geese.  These were  easy to assemble since I had gotten practice in part 2!  However, when I trimmed them up, I found just how imperfect the units were when trimming.  Most had a sliver to trim OFF (which I suppose is a good thing).  A couple will have to be totally redone.  Since I have never made flying geese before Easy Street, I found myself wondering if there was an easy way to “center” the goose when trimming.   I knew enough to try to center the goose’s beak and think I did OK without it.  Here they are — the purple/aqua from Part 4 are now each connected to one of the purple/black&white from Part 2.


Flying Geese – Easy Street Parts 2 and 4 Joined Two by Two

A couple of my geese have blunt noses — I will redo the absolute worst ones, and just live with the rest.

Six of us stayed the entire night. Wow! Here are Joan and Jody about 4:00 AM.  Block Therapy has a Facebook Page !

Joan and Jody – Block Therapy, Gautier, MS, 16 December 2012, 4AM – Sit and Sew Lock-in

Thank you Block Therapy — Joan and Jody (and your families for giving you up for the night) for the fun!


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