Flying Geese? WTG?


What the GOOSE!  I want to say that even though I began sewing over 53 years ago, I’ve NEVER EVER made a flying goose.  Quilt piecing is a new venture!   I want to capture here some of the issues I had with my very first flying geese!  This is all automatic to Bonnie, but for me, every little step is new!

We are working with purples and Black and Whites in part II.  We are done with the grey unless we wish to use it for a border/binding.  Yes, I believe I do want to use it for that — I really like the grey I’m using in this quilt!)  Don’t you just love the piece on the right that has the lime and teal in the print.  I am hoping that will spice it up along with the red-purples.


She posed a VERY INFORMATIVE TUTORIAL.  It should stay out there on YouTube since it’s not really “Easy Street” specific!  This tutorial is how to cut the pieces for a flying goose with the Companion Angle and Easy Angle rulers –PERFECT!  It is an excellent tutorial and I really needed that visual. 


Bonnie recommended sewing the RIGHT wing/sky piece on first.  Made sense and was easy for me to do.  After doing those, I encountered my first REAL MYSTERY!  Which way to PRESS? 

I went back and read about pressing, and even watched the video again hoping that I just missed it.  Nope — there wasn’t anything specific, so I took a goosey guess and pressed all those right wing/sky seams towards the goose.

That was the wrong choice, because as soon as I tried to sew on the LEFT side, the seam next to the feed dogs tried to flip opposite direction that it had been pressed.  STOP!   I went back to Bonnie’s blog and YEP, there it was — in a photo — the right seam is pressed UP toward the small triangle!   So I re-pressed all those seams and lickity split, listening to Pandora, it went soooo fast!

Before I knew it, those 128 left triangles were sewn on and all pressed!  Tada:  here we go!  I love the range of purple — from almost black purple to blue purple to red purple, some solids, and some are periwinkle.


I’m going to wait to trim the dog-ears off, so I’m ready for Step 3!  Since I will be traveling next Friday/weekend, I will bring my material and supplies on the road to try to keep up as much as I can.  I know if I get behind it will be harder to prevent Easy Street from becoming a UFO.


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  1. Yeah!! It is so exciting when you learn something new and it works (despite seam pressing issues)! I love your geese and I love your range of purples. I can’t wait to watch your quilt ‘evolve’. Happy travelling next weekend. Curlyque Sue.

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