Kitting Up Irish Chain


Before going on vacation, I kitted up the Irish chain. After sewing leaders and enders 2″ darks and lights for the past several months, I decided I had better count the 2-patches to see how many I had completed.  344!  OK.

I needed a total of 528 of those!

Reading the rest of the instructions again, I cut the 66 center cream rectangles by cutting 8″ strips and subcutting each of those at 5″ intervals.  Not a bad task.

Next, I got my AccuQuilt GO! and cut 2″ cream strips.  If I need 132 – 2″x5″ rectangles, and I can get 8 rectangles per strip, how many strips do I need to cut?

Gasp!  My fifth grade math teacher was right!  We can and do use math every day to figure out life’s puzzles!

That answer, plus needing 132 – 2″x2″ cream squares, got me on a roll.  In very little time, I had all the cream kitted up. 

Next, I tackled cutting the dark 2″ squares from scraps.  I didnt even count those.  I need 1,122 total and have only sewn 344.  I didn’t have that many left in the previous kitting up effort, so I just cut 2″ strips until I got tired.  Then I turned them all at a 90° angle on the GO! and “ta da”– 2″ squares magically appeared.

I made some 2″ squares from lights as well for good measure.  Turns out, I made more than needed. Oh boy, another quilt already started!




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