Eat, Sleep, Quilt



Mr. QuiltAcademy and I have rented a cabin in the woods, and are spending time away from “having to…” I brought a few “want to…” things, and once we were settled in, I began putting on the binding on this quilt.  It is the Strippy Surprise Mystery Quilt by Jere’ Funk! The rain made it a “stay inside” kind of day.

After sewing halfway around, I noticed my Featherweight was skipping stitches.  Out came the manual.  It was threaded correctly, bobbin in right, hmmm.  I pulled the needle off and sure enough, it was flat side right.  I flipped it, and that was all it took.


Looking back, by the end of the day, I had taken two naps, and in between naps, I had finished hand sewing 3/4 way around.  My stitches are small, and the stripes on the back are a perfect comparison to their size.

Today is sunny and windy.  We will spend a little time on the porch watching the squirrels, and then I will bind the rest. 



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