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Binding on the Mexican Mardi Gras Lasagna Lap Quilt


This weekend, I spent time putting on the binding on my son-in-law’s quilt.

This evening I got quite a bit of hand sewing done while watching Bonnie Hunter’s webcam.


I have a box of red clamps that I clamp the binding down while sewing that I really like


As I sew I clip them to the front of my shirt.  Then once I fill up the neckline, I clamp down another section.



Quilt-O Game


This is a quilters’ version of Bingo.  How fun is that?!!!  It’s even more fun when you’re the first winner in the prize is a delicious rolled fat quarter!

Woo-hoo!  Card number 32 was HOT!

We played regular bingo, then just the 4 corners, and finally fill the whole card.

Several ladies brought pot luck food and snacks.  We finished with a cherry pie dessert.  Even I, my plant-based diet, had several choices.

To find out more, see the Quilt-O website!


Dresden Plate Center Circle Tutorial


After stitching your Dresden Plate down the background square, you are ready to prepare and stitch the center circle.

Create a 4″ cardboard template out of a cereal box or similar cardboard material.  This will be your FINISHED circle size.

Draw the circle onto the fabric.

Cut at least 3/8″ to 1/2″ around the circle and stitch a running stitch all the way around between the drawn circle and the edge.

Draw the thread tight and iron.

Gently remove cardboard, center onto plate, pin and blind stitch.

Dresden Plate Class


Several months ago, when I joined the Vancleave Quilting Bees quilt guild,   Susie Fox was so friendly, I felt right at home.  They were deciding on the “schedule” for the next year. 

Susie just smiled as she set the hook.  “Why don’t you teach one of these classes.  You can pick a date out in the future so you can have enough time to put the lesson together.”  She was teaching a Sashiko class, and claimed she didn’t know anything about Sashiko herself. 

I hadn’t done much quilting since the 1994 timeframe, but was sure I could figure it out! 

Well, here I am, class is tomorrow afternoon.  I will be doing a tutorial on a “pointy” Dresden Plate block.

To prepare, I watched the Missouri Star Easy Dresden Plate Tutorial on YouTube and bought a Dresden ruler from them.

Then, when Fabric Krazy had their big moving sale, I purchased a couple of Moda Fairy Tale Friends charm packs for 60% off!  Woohoo!

I was able to cut two wedges per charm square:

Then stitched across the top of each wedge.  Chain stitching made it go fast!

Then, nipped them all apart and turned each top to make a point and ironed it down.

Then stitched two wedges together, matching the points.  Any unevenness is at the bottom of the wedge.

Sew 10 pairs (20 wedges) together in a circle, iron the seams toward one side, center on a 14″ square and blind stitch down. 

Here is the “almost” finished block. 

Next post will be on creating the center circle!