Weekend Happenings


I spent yesterday (Saturday) running errands and put aside all quilting projects for the day. 

I wanted to redo a seam on the Amish Basket block. I wanted to gather my quilt tops and prep the backings for quilting.  I wanted to find all the Hugs and Kisses quilt pieces and put them in a project box.  I wanted to straighten the sewing room.  Instead, I chose to take a nap with my little dog.  I needed the nap big-time. So did Pete. His left rear knee popped out of place on Saturday.  It has popped back, but he is still cautious about putting his full weight on it, although he can.  That is a good thing.

The other battle on Saturday came in the form of the car differential leaking.  Ho boy.  That will cost a pretty penny to fix. 

To counteract to all the “cares of life”, I was refreshed by the nap, and embraced the revival at church. Wow.  God reminded me He is watching over me and I don’t battle flesh and blood when these distractions come.

This Sunday afternoon, I felt industrious, and two quilt tops and backings are ironed, ready to go. I also redid the Amish Basket seam I wasn’t pleased with and it is better. I dreaded measuring the block, worried that it would not be the 15 1/2″, but I was pleased it needed no trimming. Whew.



I feel another nap is due.



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