On the Road Again


This weekend I’m on the road again.

The correct decision at the great interstate trifecta was I-12.


When I went through Baton Rouge, I stopped at Fabric Krazy quilt store since they are having a 60 percent off sale on yardage, and 50% off everything else!


The store is relocating and they are trying to reduce inventory.

Woohoo. It was a feeding frenzy. There were ladies with stacks of bolts, buying and buying. You literally had to take a number to get served.

Minimum purchase was 1 yard, and I have enough stash, so I basically bought with very specific projects in mind: a backing, a chenille project, a potential charity project, etc. I will post those photos as I use the fabric.

There is one purchase I do want to show you. I fell in love with this panel and paid $3.50 for it!


I have a pretty good idea about what I want to do with it, but for now it will have to wait.

Too many quilts, too many ideas, not enough time. AND, I am going to go broke saving money!!!

Fabric Krazy should have been enough, but, last weekend, the shop owners at Mes Ami told me about a new quilt store in Baton Rouge called Red Stick, which translated means “Baton Rouge”. (Can you tell where I am from??!!!) They have been open about 6 weeks.



Since I was in Baton Rouge, I padsed a good time there too!

I bought some yardage there to go with the panel.


I’d better get to work!



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