Blocks too big


On no.  The print on some of the ABC blocks for the next QA lesson are too big!  And they are not square.  I need to fussy cut 5×5 squares for Cowboy Corral blocks, and the fabric is printed in such a way that for some of the blocks, the words will be cut off at the bottom.  

And…when I washed the fabric, I lost the use of several blocks due to raveling.

I am so frustrated, but not confused. I can do this, its just a matter of deciding WHAT to do.

I can either:

1.  Toss the fabric out and get something new.

2.  Cut everything bigger AND not square, to include figuring out how the strips will alternate in size depending on which way they are turned.  Eeek!  That would be a grad school thing?

3.  Cut it the correct size and hide it in the attic when I am done.  Hmmmm.  No attic here.  No basement either.  And the garage is full.

4.  Cut the blocks bigger, but square, although I don’t know if that will work.

Hmmmmm.  I think this is not a Freshman Year kind of challenge!

For now,  I cut them the max size, Aboutt 5.4992″x 5.93729″– definately not a nice even number — as in there is no line on the ruler to use for duplicating.  I would need to cut a template from plastic…bigger than required, AND not square!

I have not cut the strips.  Except for option 3, I will have to make sure I have enough fabric to do the strips.

I guess there is one more option.

5.  Sash the blocks and square them up to be 7×7 or 8×8 (or some other measurable number on the ruler!)

Gulp.  Did anyone out there even understand any of the predicament and solutions?

Anyone have any advice?

I think option 1 is my best bet. Option 5 is a close second, but I definately do not have enough fabric for the strips.  Perhaps I could get by with what I have if I  reduce the number of fussy cut blocks.






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  1. Claire, I would opt for Option 5. Find a coordinated or contrast fabric for the strips. I would use at least 2 fabrics so then you put the blocks next to each other you will create interest in the sashing. Whatever you come up with it will be perfect for you 🙂

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