Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative #10,699


Wow.  This one is really tough to write.  I am submitting a quilt I completed to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative in honor of my mother, Melba Gene Brown Martin.  I just registered it and got an email back — it is #10,699!


Her diagnosis came in April of 2007, and I drive to Louisiana to visit her at least once a month, usually twice.  She is now 83 years old, and is living in a nursing home.  She still enjoys going out, reading the paper and magazines, and talking about family.   She also loves to go shopping for fabric with me, although she cannot comprehend the prices — they are way too high!

For my submission, I was inspired by Moira McSpadden’s  “Drunkard Path” block and have her permission to use my adaptation of her design for this fundraiser.  Her website has a .pdf of the paper-pieced pattern


The quilt is called”Journey into Darkness” and is 8 wide x 9 inches high. The bottom left corner fabric represents clear thinking. As the sunbursts peel off the circle, the fabrics get blurred and darker.

More information about the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative can be found on their website.

There is also a TV show that featured Ami Simms; what a gift she has given back to her mother. Click here to watch Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson interviewing Ami.

My mom’s memory is slipping away fast.   She currently resides in Lafayette, LA.

Love you, Mamma! Thank you for all the memories that we have made together over my lifetime — and thank you for teaching me to sew!





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  1. Your mother is beautiful and your quilt is lovely! This has to be one of the most emotional diseases of such intense loss for all of us to journey with. I was born in New Iberia, LA, to a French mother and an Alaskan I grew up in Alaska. My mother has A.D. (now in her 7th year) and she is turning 87. Because she lives in Alaska, our resources are limited there and costs are beyond exorbitant …five times what they are in the States, so we continue to care for our mother at home. It is all very, very hard.. My heart goes out to you in all ways as I truly understand and know! I quilt for this wonderful cause as well, and it does truly help and make a difference!

  2. Treasure the time you have now with your mom, as you seem to be doing. My mom just passed after 7 or 8 years of saying goodbye. I’m thankful for all the good years I had with her – she was 94.

  3. Oh, Claire…. Find the best memories. Spend good time with her even now and hold her hand on this long and very sad journey. Both of my husband’s parents faced this journey and although we knew what was happening, they really didn’t… we enjoyed lots of fun times and took each day as it came and stayed flexible. God Bless you. You have made a lovely quilt! su

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us, Claire. I lost my dad in December, 2010 to Alzheimer’s and it’s such a sad way to complete your life, lost to those who love you. Your quilt is beautiful and is a real, tangible tribute to your mom. We pray every day to find the cure for this disease. Hugs!

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