Handwork Apple Core


When I was a child, my Great Grandmother Sadie Davis Holland and her daughter, my Great Aunt Ollie Andrus gave my mother some Apple Core “blocks”.   Grandma Sadie lived to be over 100 years old!

My mom made a very long strip for a border on her bed ruffle.  I must have been 4 years old or younger at the time because, when they build their new house in 1960, when I was 6, she reused the border strip on her bedroom curtains.  I was fascinated by the interlocking curves. Still am.

I think it is very fitting that I have a hand work project using an apple core template.  Hand stitching a dark to a light is quick and easy.


Here are the 2 patch units laid out.  the fabrics are wonderful.  It is also the scrappy look that I remember in the quilts of my childhood.

I am using the 4 1/2″ Apple Core (Charm) Template by Pepper Cory sold by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

For the fabrics, I used my own stash and scrap bags from Gingers Needleworks and Quilting in Lafayette, LA. The bags of scraps sell fast (in store only), but give the quilt the look I needed.

The pieces are so varied: Novelty fabrics, children’s prints, kitchen, lovely batiks, florals, calicos, civil war, metalic, solids! It’s all in the mix.



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