Sleep til You Wake Up


Yesterday, I participated in the annual Breeding Bird Survey route north of Wiggins, MS with a friend, Nancy.  I have been doing it for five years.  We were up at 3:40 AM for a 4:30 start and back to the coast by 11:30 — and that included having eaten lunch!  It was 50 stops over 25 miles, and very structured.  The starting temperature (58 degrees) was unseasonably cool for South Mississippi.

Next on the day’s agenda was to drive to New Orleans to pick up my son for his dental appointment later this week, visit my daughter and her husband, and kiss my grandson, T-Loosh.  I love being his Neena.

But…before the visit, I was able to squeeze in a side trip to The Quilted Owl to see if my fabric had arrived for the Happy Scrappy Irish Chain project I am making. It wasn’t, so I compensated. LOL 

OK.  I admit I knew it probably had not come in (they will call me when it arrives) , but I could not seem to resist stopping!


Here is one of my purchases.  I love the soft peach and pink colors on these fabrics!

While I was there, I also shopped for backing for this quilt top. 

My daughter pieced it in March.  It was her first piecing effort!  I am going to have it quilted as a gift to both her and T-Loosh.  She used the 9 3/4″ Apple Core Layer Cake Template by Pepper Cory from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  

I ended up with this piece by Moda.  It was on sale 30% off.   image

T-Loosh is 4, and is learning to count.  After all, pirates need to know how to count all that treasure!



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