Fabric Prep for the Next Academy Project


All fabric is washed, 90° outside and the AC pumping out cold air.  Yeah.  Cold enough to counteract the heat from an iron.


I found it is better to iron the material while still damp from the machine spin cycle or at most, toss it on “cool” if it feels too wet.  Previously, I had been drying it, spritzing it with water,  and ironing it.  The small wrinkles left from the dryer still seem to be there.  So, I tried something different: leave enough dampness in the fabric and finish drying it with the iron. It turned out just perfect.

The next project is the same design as the previous Winter Wonderland.

For this one, I have chosen an ABC children’s print.  The blocks are 5.5 x 5.75 and can be cut the size the paten calls for. Here is the “after” lineup:



This is going to be absolutely perfectly c-u-t-e!  Each letter of the alphabet is matched with a flower, A thru Z.  Love it.  I think part of quilting is the ability to get excited about the fabrics you are working with to create something new.


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