Tiny Pieces for Happy Scrappy Irish Chain


I was traveling this weekend and stopped by The Quilted Owl in New Orleans for some ziplock bags of scraps for an Irish chain scrap quilt.


I am cutting those scraps up into 2 inch squares to work in as a leader ender project.  Instead of starting a chain piecing effort with the same tiny piece of scrap cloth over and over, with a little planning, as Bonnie Hunter claims, I can be leading and ending those chains with these squares.  

Here are a few stacks of the 1,700+ squares needed.  Cutting goes fast.

I love a scrappy look, and Bonnie Hunter is the Queen of Scrap Quilts. This quilt pattern comes from her book Adventures With Leaders and Enders.  It will give me lots of practice with quarter inch seams as I work through projects.


I took time out in April to continue basting applique onto a baseball quilt I am making for my grandson, and also tested a pattern in May for a Mystery Quilt that one of our guild members will be presenting next weekend.   I will post pics of that after the mystery is over!


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