Too long between posts


I was looking at the blog, and decided it’s been way too long between posts! 

Here are my cute little Cowboys and Cowgirls so far.


Five rows are sewn together. I admit to getting lost on the instructions on how to chain sew the entire thing together, then connect the rows. I did each row seperately, and am now joining the rows, starting with the bottom rows and working my way to the top.

Looking at my “free” time, I seem to be involved with the continuing “move into the sewing studio” and working on Non-QA projects for the grandkids and quilt guild.  Working 12 hours a day doesn’t help.  I’ve got an app on my phone that I should be able to post from, but the keyboard on the computer is soooo much faster.

I will try to do better! Perhaps if I don’t limit myself to just posting about QA, the frequency will increase, and perhaps stoke my creative juice.

Now, on to sewing more rows!



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  1. I also struggled with making sure I was sewing the right piece on next with the chain piecing method. When I put the rows togehter I did cut them apart first. Glad you are making progress. I’m just a lesson ahead of you – have my fabric for the triple rail fence ready to cut -and I’ll be starting that tomorrow night -keep sewing – and posting!

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