Sewing Room Finally Finished


The “Billy System” Ikea bookcases — before filling them.

And the photo below is AFTER — to include my new Heavenly Seating sewing chair, and Ott Lighting that I got at a half price sale.

As you can see, I still have a few things to find a home for on the Sashiko table.

The little details: a plug strip installed at the base of the bookcase:

The start of my “scrap user’s system”.
A scrap bag.  When full, it is processed into “ready to use” sizes for a scrappy quilt — maybe a QA project in the future?
And here is the trash basket made by my daughter.  She meant it for my car, but I couldn’t resist hanging it on my Sew-Ez.  It’s amazing how fast both of these bags fill up!

Paisley trash bag from Sadie!

And here is my huge cutting table with tons of storage.  There are 15 cubicles on the front and 9 more each side for a total of 34!  Most of them are empty at this point — but not for long.
Here are pictures of the top surface.  It has room enough for a ruler rack, cutting mats and small ironing surface.   These can be moved if I need the entire surface.
And the storage area underneath for batting and my sewing machine travel case is just right:

I am so pleased with this cubby tucked under the cutting table.

The cutting table is on rollers so the rear storage can be accessed, or moved aside to open the futon in the corner: 
Thank you Harriet and Carrie — you inspired me (or gave me the excuse?) to take the plunge and just “do it”!
I don’t think a sewing room is ever really “finished”; so, as I improve on things, I’ll share that  here.

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  1. What a wonderful sewing room and a perfect place to work on the Quilter’s Academy. I am most envious of your corner shelves and hope to have something like that one of these days. My next planned purchase will be an Ezi table like you have for my machine. I have worked on Vol 1 off and on since it first came out. Now I am practicing free motion quilting and my next project will be to quilt my Cowboy Corral quilt. Best wishes and I will follow your posts faithfully. Thanks for sharing.

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