First Piecing Lesson Completed


I’m happy to report I’ve completed the first hands-on lesson.  Here’s my finished product.  I think I’ve ripped out every seam in it at least once!


Ultimately, the ripping was appropriate — resetting my seam guide necessary to ensure an accurate seam allowance.  It was just a tad too much, so the block was coming out too small.  The culprit was caused by attaching seam guides to a movable object (the acrylic insert to my Sew-Ez table).  As the machine would vibrate, it would move the board ever so slightly, so it was off.

Here are a few photos of “in progress”. 


First mistake - attaching seam guides to a movable object (clear acrylic insert)!

As I would sew the strips together, the vibration of the machine would vary the width of the seam allowance.

Get Ripped -- This has nothing to do with your abs!

Well, the center strip wasn’t even close to 1.5″ wide.  I ripped it all apart, moved my seam guides to my actual fixed-and-firm machine arm, and resewed the pieces together.
Much better!

All laid out on a small design board

The big finale!  Voila!  This project will be set aside as the rest of it is in the “Sophomore” year.


Here’s what the finished project will look like:

The finished project -- to be completed in the next book in the series.

On to the next lesson!   




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