My First Machine Quilting Effort!


Since my sewing area is in chaos, I’m not getting much done in the course.  I have no place to set up my machine in the house at this time.  But, I am trying to participate in the Sandstitchers Quilt Guild projects for their upcoming quilt show in May.  Last night was the first “project night” I attended.  Peggy led us through making tea towels for the sales “boutique”.

I got to “practice” machine quilting on this.  I did a loop-de-loop design, and it was VERY rough.   Peggy had created excellent instructions on creating the tea towel.  Quilting was optional, and instead of quilting mine before sewing it to the towel, I did mine at the end.

The tea towel below is not a Quilter’s Academy project, but since it was my very first “machine quilting” effort, I figured I’d photo it for posterity, crooked bottom seam and all.  I have many more self-criticisms (bobbin thread bunched up on me once, I sewed on the towel part backwards, etc, etc).

Francis gave me some good machine quilting pointers that I will try next time I practice.   THANKS PEGGY & FRANCIS!

Before we left, there was a time for mutual admiration of work accomplished — I liked how everyone else’s towels turned out.  Everyone is so creative!


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  1. I am happy to find your blog and will look forward to following your progress. I have Harriet’s books and have worked about 3/4 through vol 1 (a lot of off and on). I can’t wait to see your sewing room finished.

  2. Hi I just found your blog, following from your comment on Lesley’s Quilter’s Academy blog (Blockhead). I look forward to following your progress.

    I’ve been blogging my way through the Quilter’s Academy as well –

    Though recently I’ve been sucked into the Ice Hockey vortex with my son’s team. And over the holidays decided to move some rooms around, and am also in the process of setting up a sewing area.

    I really like the colors you chose for your sampler. The cutting will get easier as you go along.

    I’m also planning to use the comic book cardboard for mini-bolts, and after seeing your post, am guessing that I’ll need more than one pack to finish my stash too.

    I also saw your comment on the cost of the Prescenia cones – I did the math after gasping over buying mine (I have grey and cream) and find that per foot it is actually a pretty good bargain. Just a big outlay at the start.

    Cheers, Kirsten

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