Class 120 – Fabric


I’ve moved on to Class 120 although I’ve only completed three of the four lessons in Class 110 — my sewing area (Lesson 1) is still in progress. 

Today we prepped for painting the walls and trim and we got the ceiling painted.   After the walls and trim are painted, I will be making a cutting table.  I still plan to get those Ikea bookcases, and find a good sewing chair.

Here my son is removing several layers of latex paint from the window sill.  It’s almost like ripping out a seam.  The paint was pretty thick–there were at least three coats.

Since I can do a few things on the dining table, I’ve pressed on to through the first four lessons in Class 120 — 1) All about fabric, 2) washing your fabric, 3) working properly with a ruler and 4) cutting straight strips!

Here are the results of straightening the dark fabric.  This piece was 3/8″ – 1/2″ off.

I cut my second piece of stripping very “off”.   This was a really, really bad cut!  It is supposed to be 2″ and tapered off quite a bit–not just a thread or two.  I don’t remember the ruler slipping so I must not have laid down the ruler correctly!  I tossed this one into the scrap bin.

And below are my “perfectly straight” 2″ strips — all ready for Class 130!

As a side note, this week, I joined a local quilt guild–the Sandstitchers Quilt Guild–a great group of very talented ladies judging from the Show and Tell!    They are also very busy bunch.  It’s nice to see so many involved.   I was happy to find that I am already acquainted with three of the members from work!


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