So Easy to Assemble the Sew Ezi Sewing Table


My new Sew Ezi table arrived yesterday evening and I put it all together.  It’s absolutely wonderful.  The previous cabinet that I used for the past 30 years really does not have room for my legs!  Pure torture!

The custom insert fits my old Bernie 830 just perfectly!  Here are the photos.  Look at how that insert snugs up against the arm of the machine!  It’s clear so you can see the base, but that acrylic insert makes everything flat!  I have to gently lift the acrylic up a miniscule amount in order to open the door to change the bobbin, but that will not be an issue.

Here is the right side of the machine on the table.  I will put my machine on some rubberized shelf liner to eliminate any possibility of it “walking off” the edge.   You can see one of the rollers on the bottom right side.

And lastly, here is a close up of one of the rollers (the other is in the background).  Don’tcha just love the purple legs!

 All in all, I found it super easy to put together.  I can hardly wait to cut my fabric out and begin using her — I don’t think I will wait for the painting to be done!


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