“Peaceful” & White — Sewing Room Colors


My son is coming this weekend to help paint the room I am setting up as my sewing room.  Right now it is a dark federal blue and the walls have dings.  The floors are a light pink / light terra cotta type color.   I went to Lowes and brought back several color cards I thought might work, and then went back again — and picked out a few more.  I really wanted something green or blue that was calming.  The one I settled on was appropriately called “Peaceful”.

Playing on the Valspar paint website, I found a kitchen that had white counters to try to get close to the same “look” as having white book cases and cutting table.    The app is such a great tool for planning purposes.  I had a blast looking at several combinations of colors of apricots, blues and greens.   HERE IS THE PICTURE OF A ROOM with walls in the “Peaceful” with “Cottontail” as trim from the Valspar website color selector.   I don’t like the “Cottontail” (the light color trim), and will stick with white — but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the walls!

Colors: "Peaceful" and "Cottontail"

 Hmmm — I wonder how the purple legs on the Sew Ezi table will look — I just might have to do something about that!  More to come . . .



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