Sewing Room Layout


The sewing room layout may or may not end up like this, but it sure was fun to plan!  I used the furniture measurements from the items I posted previously.

Above is everything out, opened up.   The picture didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, but upper left going across is the futon and cutting table.  Below the cutting table is the Sew Ezi sewing table with an ironing board.  The design wall will be the wall “behind” the door as it opens.   (The wall to the right of the ironing board).  As you walk in the door, the bookshelves are to the left lining the wall and wrap around the corner next to the tape measure.

Here is everying folded up — futon and cutting table.  The Sew Ezi table and ironing board are put away in the closet.  At least the room would be fairly open/usable for the grandkids without them having to weave through the room to get to bed!

On to dreaming about what color to paint the walls!



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