Stash Organization


Ever since I saw the post  by The Lovely Poppy about using comic book archival cardboard to make “mini” bolts, I’ve been energized!  There are several other ideas out there on making mini-bolts — withfoam board, corrugated plastic, etc.   I ordered 300 pieces even though I had no idea how many I needed.   I just couldn’t have more than 300 pieces, right?   This is what one of the piles of fabrics in my stash looks like:

One of several piles of fabric in my stash!
Tackling that pile was easy — at least most of the pieces didn’t require ironing.   Some of the larger cuts will need to be done differently, so I’ve set those aside for now.  But here is the result!  Two large storage boxes of fabrics!  I used over 200 “bolts” and still have a few remaining so I guessed well.  Voila:
And, best of all — I got a call from the Bernina service man this morning and my machine is ready to be picked up!   My Sew Ezi table was shipped from California yesterday.    

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