Sewing Room Review


I have a Oxford 3×5 notebook (on spiral) that is my constant companion!  A few days ago, I measured the room I intend to set up as a sewing room. 

After perusing the web for furniture and sewing room ideas, I came up with the following items:

Bookcase (Ikea):

Corner Bookshelves - adjustable and modular (5 separate pieces)

Cutting Table (Horn of America):

Closed Cutting Table with Storage

Oodles of storage!


Sewing Table (Sew Ezi):

Not my machine -- but you get the idea!

Chair – Heavenly Sewing: – Am I dreaming?  We shall see how much it costs!

Sewing Chair by Heavenly Seating

Wal-mart Futon (for extra sleeping with the grandkids visit)–in tan if it’s available, or red?  Decisions, decisions.

Futon -- in RED please!

Now —- will it all fit?  On to the next planning phase — put it on graph paper!  I will save that for another post!

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