And still waiting . . .


I carry around a book of index cards with all of the Freshman Year project information (yardage and page number).  That way, if I’m at a fabric store, I can purchase the correct amount of fabric to make the samplers in the course.  Some of my fabric color choices are quite different from what Harriet or Carrie’s chose for their project.  I think most of my seletions will turn out fine.

I called “All About Sewing” to find out if a specific presser foot (Bernina Stitch Regulator) would work on my old model 830 — nope.  But the person I spoke with was the man who will be servicing my machine.  He had nothing but praises to sing about that particular model.

I went shopping for fabric at lunch and got a few pieces.  Then after work, I stopped by Janet’s Quilting Bee to match up some of the fabrics to finish the requirements and then on to Block Therapy to get another match.  While I was at Block Therapy, a few fabrics caught my eye. 

In my escapades today, I finally purchased a light ivory solid to finish the very first sampler.  Harriet’s is blue, light blue and white.  Mine will be dark red tonal,  red print on ivory and a “mottled” ivory.  The ivory will not be needed until Volume 2, but I wanted to get it while the red print is still “whole”.  I prefer auditioning larger pieces of fabrics together to ensure the tones match.   

Fabric Selection for "Carrie's Sampler"

These are my fabrics for "Carrie's Sampler"

Now, if I could get my sewing area set up and machine back . . .

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