Waiting, Waiting . . .


I’m not sure how long it will take for my machine to be serviced at All About Sewing, but–anything for an excuse to visit a new quilting store!  My DH dropped off my machine last week, so today, while out and about, we went to Mobile, AL to do our “errands” — it’s just about the same distance as Gulfport, MS.  While there,  I purchased a presser foot adaptor for my Bernina and a Curve Master foot.  I have a “Baseball Quilt” to make for Grandson #2.

Curve Master Presser Foot

I also purchased a tiny thread cutter to stick on the side of my machine.  The old one fell off.   

I ordered some grey and black spools of Presencia Thread (YIKES! $$$)–very expensive.   I’m also loading up my “wish list” with Harriet’s other books on Amazon.com.  Next, I need to check my supply and perhaps purchase some machine needles.  I doubt that I have any 79/10 size for the 60/3 thread coming in.

I read the lesson on straightening fabric.  I’ll need to buy some starch too . . .


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