The book has arrived!


I’ve had my Quilter’s Academy Volume 1, Freshman Year for several days now.   I ordered it off and was so anxious to receive it, I was listening for the UPS truck to come down the street.  I met the driver at the door!  

Volume 1 - the very basics


A bit about me:  I began sewing when I was 5 or 6 years old and made my first dress for my first day of school on my mother’s Necchi.  That was 1960.  A few short months later, I made my “Easter Dress” and appeared in the Daily Advertiser!  I applied myself to sewing 4-H projects and competing.  I don’t think I ever “won” anything, but was advanced enough to match plaids and make tailored button holes.  My parents got me an inexpensive sewing machine when I was in high school.   In the late 1970s, I replaced it with my current machine — a Bernina Record Electronic 830.  This machine was one with mechanical moving parts — no software, no digitizing, nothing that would “fry”.  I think the “electronic” refers to the pedal.

I’ve always wanted to quilt, but thought you had to do everything “by hand”.  In the 1990’s, I joined up with a local quilt guild, but it was just too much to do with young children, a job, and home.  I’m hoping to make some quilts for the grandchildren this upcoming year, and realized I needed to understand some things about quilting that you don’t learn as a seamstress.  

I hope Harriet & Carrie Hargrave ‘s Quilter’s Academy series will fit the bill!  So far, there are three volumes out and the fourth will be published in May.  I’ve pre-ordered Volume 4 from as it has a good pre-purchase price.  Volume 1 is “in hand” and I can inter-library loan the other two volumes before committing to a purchase.  As impressed as I am with Volume 1, I think purchasing the others will be a good investment. 

I am also grateful to have found the errata information for Volume 1 — nothing like having clarification / correct information! 

Erratta Quilters Academy

I’ve gone ahead and read the first chapter and am rereading it tonight.  I sent my Bernina Record Electronic 830 off to get cleaned/oiled and adjusted in Mobile — the nearest dealer.  It’s a real gem of a machine, and based on what I’m reading in QA#1, I’ve got all the presser feet I need, including the walking foot!  Yay!

My sweet Bernina 830!

The biggest task ahead of me is setting up my sewing area.  My sewing cabinet is very uncomfortable to sit at and I think the best thing for me will be a portable Sew-Ezi table.  I am cleaning out the spare bedroom–major task is to decide where to move the items that I don’t want to give up, and tote the rest to the church for their spring yard sale. 

I have quite a few templates and rulers from my original quilting fling, and my son “found” my fabric stash.  Washing and ironing it all will be another major task.

Tomorrow’s TO DO: 

Clean out thge spare room and create a sewing area

Order the Sew-Ezi table

Check out adjustable height tables for cutting



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