Wonder What Happened to Your Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative Submission?



I’d like to give a bit of time to bring you an update on what happened to my Alzheimer’s Art Quilt. It’s easy!  The email I got back in June said to do this:

“Before you ask anyone where your quilt is, please search for the quilt number, your name, or the name of your quilt in the search box at www.AlzQuilts.org. Or type this URL in your browser window http://www.alzquilts.org/XXXX.html and substitute your quilt number for the X’s. Click on the blue title of your quilt and look just under the purple bar for the location on our web site.”

But when I checked on it last, it had not sold.  It has been quite a while, and I decided to check on it again.  The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative brought 2,185 quilts to sell at International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX (Oct. 31 – Nov. 4) and raised more than $75,000!   Mine was sold at the show!

Here is the link to my submission — it earned $32.33.


Easy Street Catchup – Quilter Lock In


What happens when you get 15 quilters locked into a fabric store with nothing but time to do that UFO or sew on a new project? 


On Saturday, I stopped by our local Block Therapy store to show machine repairist, Mark, a machine that will need a new belt and bobbin winder rubber tire and was invited to a spur of the moment sew-in.  More on that machine on a different post! 

The shop was filled with wonderful aromas of pulled pork cooking in the crock pot.   Several ladies might bring other snacks as well!   

I brought my Easy Street project pieces from last week and my Delectable Christmas blocks to sash and assemble if I ran out of Easy Street during the time!  (I did, and will post about the Christmas blocks later this week).


Shaded half-squares – Part 3 Easy Street Mystery

Here is Part 3 completed and arranged.  I got to counting the units, and for some reason I was 10 units short, so I also cut and assembled 10 more than shown here.  Part 3 units are now D-O-N-E!

Next, I cut part 4 — more flying geese.  These were  easy to assemble since I had gotten practice in part 2!  However, when I trimmed them up, I found just how imperfect the units were when trimming.  Most had a sliver to trim OFF (which I suppose is a good thing).  A couple will have to be totally redone.  Since I have never made flying geese before Easy Street, I found myself wondering if there was an easy way to “center” the goose when trimming.   I knew enough to try to center the goose’s beak and think I did OK without it.  Here they are — the purple/aqua from Part 4 are now each connected to one of the purple/black&white from Part 2.


Flying Geese – Easy Street Parts 2 and 4 Joined Two by Two

A couple of my geese have blunt noses — I will redo the absolute worst ones, and just live with the rest.

Six of us stayed the entire night. Wow! Here are Joan and Jody about 4:00 AM.  Block Therapy has a Facebook Page !

Joan and Jody – Block Therapy, Gautier, MS, 16 December 2012, 4AM – Sit and Sew Lock-in

Thank you Block Therapy — Joan and Jody (and your families for giving you up for the night) for the fun!

Charity Quilt Binding


last week, I turned in the civil war charity quilt top I pieced last month and picked uo a quilted item to bind.  I am halfway done in one sitting this evening.

This is a child’s quilt and made with white and a red juvenile print. O don’t know who pieced it, but will ask.

I believe Teresa Ess quilted it.



Cutting Easy Street Part 3


I began cutting part 3 Sunday morning in Lafayette.


I had plenty of 2″ Purple and 2″ Black/White strips to cut the 2″ purple squares and the triangles from the previous steps, and I cut the pile above!

Next, I cut 3.5″ strips from turqoise fabrics and figured I’d better take a photo of the variety before cutting them into triangles.


Yes, some are blue-er, some are greener, but I like the combinations!

Next is to cut those strips into 64 half squares.  Since I have so many strips, it will only take a few cuts on each!  Here are a couple:


And finally, since I was in cutting mode, I went ahead and cut the two lime green 3″ squares in half diagonally for a future step as per the directions.

Now to travel back home and sew them all next week!



Blogland Strangeness



My last post had technical difficulties with uploading one of the photos.  I’m not sure why. 

I tried adding the photo in after the fact (edit mode), but that didn’t work.  I finally logged out, rebooted and logged back in.  Now it’s there! 

So, if you’re interested in looking at the repositioned Delectable Mountain Christmas Quilt, here is the link to the edited post:



Sometimes You Just Do Whatcha Gotta Do!


Several blocks were too wonky, and to make them all consistently the same size, I chose the smallest dimensions.  They are now 12.5 x 11.5.  I changed the orientation as I trimmed just to see if I like it this way:

Christmas Trimmed

And here one of the blocks trimmed up.  After I sew the sashing, the height of the top & bottom wedges are going to be shorter than the other mountain peaks due to the trimming. 

Christmas Trimmed Block

I’m older and wiser now . . . lessons learned:

     — Measure my piecing right away and redo if necessary

     — Don’t let my UFOs sit for 15+ years in the garage!

Christmas UFO – from 1995!


Here are my Scrappy Christmas blocks — from 1994 or 1995!  I have four more blocks not shown that will allow me to swap out with those that are too ravelled or stained.  

Christmas Blocks

What I liked about making this block back then was that it was a “slice and dice” type of effort — and the only two points that had to be matched were at the top and bottom center. 


I have the fabric for the sashing, backing and binding.  My next step is to trim all the extraneous threads and then measure and trim the blocks to a consistent size.